Friday, June 21, 2013

How to make brown fondant.... Without brown food coloring!

 So, I ran out of brown food coloring last week, and completely forgot to get some. What happens? It's midnight and I'm working on a cake when I realize this. Where I live now, there are no 24 hour convenience stores, like Walmart or Albertson's. After panicking for about 30 minutes, I realized there had to be a way to make brown from primary colors, I mean, my printer can do it. So, why can't I? 
Here is a quick tutorial of how I made brown. Depending on what shade of brown you need, you might have to add different amounts of color. I like to have a rich brown color on hand, so I can mix it with white to get whatever shade I need at the moment. 

   - Use Gel food colors, the liquid will water down your fondant and you will have a sticky mess! 
   - If your fondant does get too soft, knead in some powdered sugar. 
   - After you color your fondant, it's best to let it sit over night so the color can develop and the fondant can rest.